Snips is a decentralized, private by design voice assistant and platform.

Snips is an AI voice platform for connected devices. It is an end-to-end solution with Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding, enabling anyone to add a customizable voice assistant to their product.

Snips is the only deep-learning based voice platform that runs fully on-device, offering multiple advantages:

- it can run without the need for a server or the cloud. This means it is resilient to outages (remember how IoT broke down when AWS went down?)

- there is no variable cost associated to Snips, just a one time fee, making the voice assistant a component like any other.

- It offers Privacy by Design, making it the only solution guaranteed to be legal under the new European Privacy regulation (GDPR).

Despite being on-device, Snips performs as good or better than Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as can be seen in the following benchmark:

Finally, the platform is resource efficient, and is the first deep-learning based solution that can run fully on a Raspberry Pi.

Founders:  Mael Primet, Michael Fester, Rand Hindi