Soovle is a customizable search engine that provides the search suggestion features of the best providers on the net.

The customization is found in the "engines" link where users can replace the defaults with the sites that fit them. Even international sites are supported.

It is easy to execute a search on any of its supported engines through keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop operations, and double-clicks.

* While typing, try the right-arrow key, the bracketed engine is the default that will be queried when the Soovle button is clicked.

* Try dragging a term onto the mini-icon of the desired engine.

* Double-clicking a suggestion immediately executes a search on the engine that provided it.

Finally - Soovle is a keyword research tool. It allows one to collect terms found and share them, store them to disk, or simply print them for your records.

Soovle makes search fast, easy and fun. For even more entertainment be sure to give the "demo" feature a spin.

Help and instructions for how to use the site are found in the "secrets" link.