StackShare is on a mission to connect every developer in the world with the right tools and the companies using them.

StackShare is a community that helps developers and engineers discover and compare software tools. Our vision is to transform how SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

Choosing SaaS and cloud infrastructure tools is difficult. If you’re a developer looking for a hosting solution, you have hundreds of options and no clear way to sift through them all. We’ve built a community of developers, engineers, CTOs, and VPEs that recommend, review, and share their technology stacks. They have significant buying power and a need for tooling and infrastructure services, from startups to large enterprises. The options they have are confusing and increasing in number by the day - they’re desperate to get help choosing the right solutions. StackShare lets technologists see all the best tools and services, who are using them, and why.

Founders:  Yonas Beshawred