Sungy Mobile

Sungy Mobile Limited is a global mobile app and platform development firm.

Sungy Mobile provides its users with access to over 70 channels and a vast array of professional media and user-generated content such as entertainment and sports event coverage in multimedia formats. In addition to their GO series products and GO platform, Sungy Mobile also offers, a mobile internet portal and mobile reading services platform.

Sungy Mobile has over 160 million registered users with a daily page view of 1.2 billion, and more than 25 million active users per day. Its product, GO desktop, has reached 200 million global users and has become the most popular Android third party desktop globally.

Sungy Mobile was launched in 2003 and completed its third round of financing from CBC Capital, IDG, JAFCO, and WI HARPER in July 2010. It was listed in the New York Stock Exchange on November 22, 2013.


 Xiangdong Zhang, Yuqiang Deng