Sweet Couch

Online niche products discovery platform

Sweet Couch is an online window shopping place for all things beautiful and interesting from online shops across the country (currently in India and the United States). When you would like to buy anything, you click on Buy Now and we lead you to the seller shop where you can complete the purchase.


Discover an esoteric range of products in fashion, beauty, décor and lifestyle. Find products from boutiques, independent designers, artisans and craftsmen across all price points.


Once you discover something you would like to buy, you will be led to the seller. There are more than 5000 niche shops showcasing their unique products on Sweet Couch.


Message your friends and converse what you discover before you buy. The messenger is designed specifically for discussing shopping amongst your trusted friends and family and it is totally personal and private a conversation much like your shopping is.

Founders:  Jayshree Nayak, Manish Deora, Rajesh Chokhani