Taaz is a virtual makeover website allowing users to 'try on' different looks by uploading their photographs.

The heart of taaz.com, which launched in March 2008, is the makeover editor where you can create a virtual makeover on photos of yourself, friends, loved ones, or a model. With a single click, you can apply all the layers of makeup — from concealer to eye shadow and top your look off with a new hairstyle. What sets Taaz.com apart is ease of use and photorealism — the resulting image is indistinguishable from an actual photo. After clicking on Create a Makeover from the landing page or the Editor button on the top bar, you can select a photo to work with.

Users can change concealer, blush, mouth, eye shadow, eyeliner, contacts and hair.

Users can then share photos with others, have them rated and commented on, etc.

Founders:  David Kriegman, Kevin Barnes, Satya P. Mallick