Techmeme is an online news aggregator that arranges technology related stories from hundreds of news and blog sites.

Techmeme, "the favorite news website of technology industry insiders" and "one of the first Web sites loaded on Silicon Valley’s laptops and iPhones each morning", is the tech industry’s leading news aggregator. Introduced in 2005, the company added Mediagazer in 2010 to track media news. Other verticals include politic and celebrity news.

Operating originally as Google News-style fully-automated news aggregators, the company blended in human editors to the curation process at Techmeme and Mediagazer beginning in 2008. Its staff now includes nine news editors.

Techmeme has taken no outside investment, and is supported through revenues from sponsored blog posts, hiring promos, and event listings.

Techmeme won two Crunchies (2007 and 2012), both for “Best Bootstrapped Startup”.

Founders:  Gabe Rivera