Techrunes is an Online Social Network dedicated to Science and Technology based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Techtunes is a Science & Technology Social Network. it is an Online Social Networking site dedicated to Science and Technology.

Techtunes has changed the web & internet life style in Bangladesh. Techtunes created the largest, most loyal and super talented community in Bangladesh. Techtunes is the highest engaged Bangla social network in the world.

On Techtunes a blogger is called as 'Techtuner' or 'Tuner' and their blog is called as 'Tune' and 'Tunes' in plural. Regular visitor is called ‘Tuisitor’. Commenter is called as 'Tummenter' and their comment is called as 'Tumment' and 'Tumments' in plural. Top contributors are known as 'Top Tuners' those are the most active Tuner in Techtunes.

Founders: Mehedi Hasan Arif