ThinOptics provides reading glasses with smartphone case.

ThinOPTICS have solved a problem that has existed since glasses were invented in 1286. “Where are my glasses?” For the first time in the history of glasses, the answer is: “They’re right here, on the back of your phone!” ThinOPTICS’ first product is reading glasses that slip right on the back of mobile phones. Conventional reading glasses are constantly forgotten and unavailable when on the go. It’s nearly impossible for 50 million American adults to read anything small (i.e. menus, shopping lists, maps) without reading glasses.

The ThinOPTICS solution delivers incredibly compact, flexible, and resilient reading glasses combined with custom mobile phone cases or a Universal Pod case to attach to existing phones or phone cases. At $24.95 for the Universal Pod case and glasses or $38.95 for the mobile phone case and glasses, over 97% of users claim ThinOPTICS are a good or great value.

Founders:  Darren Lancaster, David Chute, Teddy Shalon