This Is Why I'm Broke

This Is Why I'm Broke is your source for cool, fun, useful stuff you can find and buy on the web!

ThisIsWhyImBroke is a free online magazine run by a bunch of geeks who partake in way too much online window shopping.

Their philosophy is simple: they only want to display the coolest stuff you can find and buy on the web. They are not interested in spamming any lame products at you – when you visit ThisIsWhyImBroke you’ll only see unique products that their staff was so fond of, they felt it needed to be shared with their viewers.

Many items listed on this site do return a small commission for product referral, however this is not the sole motivation for featuring an item. Their staff regularly lists products that they receive absolutely no compensation for. They do not carry any of the products listed on the site, nor do they directly sell anything.