Timeful is a technology company dedicated to reinventing the way that people manage their most precious resource: time.

Through the collaboration of some of the leading minds in artificial intelligence, big data, behavioral science and product design, Timeful is helping people take back their lives by making time for what really matters.

The company takes an algorithmic approach to time management, and leverages big data and behavioral science to best determine how people can maximize their lives.

The Mountain View-based company is co-founded by Jacob Bank, Stanford PhD candidate who’s applying data mining, machine learning and optimization algorithms to time management; Yoav Shoham, Silicon Valley veteran whose past companies include Katango and TradingDynamics; and Dan Ariely, New York Times best-selling author and one of theleading experts in human fallibility and procrastination.

Founders:  Dan Ariely, Jacob Bank, Yoav Shoham