TopCoder is a development and design community that hosts online programming contests for developers, analysts and designers.

TopCoder brings the world's software talent together in a professional global community.

TopCoder is the world's largest competitive software development community with more than 400,000 developers representing over 200 countries. TopCoder hosts the largest and most comprehensive developer ratings and performance metrics available. The TopCoder Community of over 400,000 members represents business analysts, algorithmists, software developers and creative artists from over 200 countries. The TopCoder Open Innovation Community creates digital assets including applications, analytics, software and creative designs and solutions for a wide-ranging client base through a competitive, rigorous, standards based methodology. Combined with an extremely talented community this groundbreaking methodology results in superior outcomes for clients by allowing a software-as-parts approach to application development. TopCoder makes this large library of software components built through competition available to clients. Utilizing a world-wide member base and this library, TopCoder seeks to lower the cost of software development while increasing both the speed at which applications can be developed and the quality of the ultimate application.

Founders:  Jack Hughes, Mike Lydon