Tribuna Digital and - the flagship project of the digital sports publisher Tribuna Digital: a platform for dialogue about the sport in all its forms. Monthly audience more than 7 million users. We aim to deliver information and communication help sports fans in all niches and on all technological platforms.

Our goal - to give every user the most relevant content and services, for which we are widely using our analytical capabilities. We are traditionally well represented in social networks, and our application is dominated by Russian-language Mobile.

Our editorial staff is working with the best journalists of the country and creates the loudest materials of Russian sport. Social network "Tribune" brings together more than a million people are discussing sports in their blogs , forums and statuses .

Among the participants of the "Tribune" - well-known journalists, TV presenters, athletes and coaches, as well as the representation of sports clubs and sports niche publications. Statistical base - the most detailed in Russian, which helps us to maintain a wide range of fantasy-games based on real data. create the best advertising special projects in the field of sport, applying a deep knowledge of the audience to meet the challenges of our clients. For more information about special projects, the audience potential of advertising formats and conditions .

Founders:  Dmitry Navosha