Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs is the global leader in video intelligence for the cross-platform world.

Tubular is the leading global video measurement and analytics platform that powers broadcasters, publishers, and brands to create successful content and scale audiences faster. We provide the most complete picture of what video consumers watch and enable companies to grow digital audiences and sell brand integrations to win in the ever evolving world of video.

Tubular’s software tracks over 4 Billion videos, 1 Trillion Views, 10 Million influencers, 90K brands, 40K media, and 48 Billion sponsored video views. In total, that’s over 350 Million more videos analyzed per month than our closest competitor. We know it’s not just about data, it’s about insights, and that’s why we’re trusted by 7 of the top 10 global media companies, who make strategic decisions every day based on Tubular software.

Founders:  Allison Stern, Robert Gabel