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TVNewsCheck is believe in TV broadcasting—free, universal, over-the-air broadcasting, where TV got its start and which still offers hertz-for-hertz the best TV programming and public service around. It is their privilege to serve the thousands of individuals who make it happen. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, every working day, they deliver news and information for station owners, managers, account executives, programmers, engineers, technicians, anchors, reporters and producers.

Like any good newspaper, they closely follow the goings on within their community of TV stations. But they also keep an eye on Washington, the broadcast networks, the advertising marketplace, hardware vendors and—this may be most important—corporate headquarters. And they cover cable, satellite, the Internet and other media, but only because they have an impact on broadcasting. Their focus is always on the TV station.

There are already plenty of magazines, newsletters and Web sites that cover TV broadcasting. They do not want to add to the information overload. Their idea is to organize all that is out there, mix in their original reporting and commentary and bring it all together on your desktop with the urgency of all-news radio.

The site is designed to give you an up-to-the minute briefing on the dynamic world of TV broadcasting with one top-to-bottom scroll. They read everything so you don't have to. Their promise is that you won't miss a thing if you keep checking in.

They are working in a new medium, where the rules change every day, but they are old-fashioned journalists. They want to deliver the news as quickly as they can. They want the scoop. But they also want your trust. They do not sacrifice speed for accuracy. Theydo not report anything unless they have checked it out or made certain it comes from a credible source.