VideoSurf is a video discovery company that helps consumers find what to watch from the world of video in an experience that is uniquely theirs. VideoSurf combines social insights with patented computer vision technology to discover, search and identify videos on any device. In addition to audio recognition, VideoSurf's technology "sees" frames inside videos, providing superior search relevancy and an enhanced user experience.

VideoSurf's video discovery mobile app lets users discover, search and identify TV episodes, movies, music videos and video clips by doing a visual and audio search using their smartphone, or by typing a query directly into the app. Users can discover videos by simply pointing their phones at a television or computer screen to capture a few seconds of what they are watching. The VideoSurf mobile app quickly identifies the episode and celebrities, provides more information about what was identified and suggests other videos to watch. In addition, users can share what they are watching and help friends discover new videos by posting directly to Facebook and Twitter.

The company was founded by a team of proven entrepreneurs and leading experts in search, multi-grid techniques, computer vision and fast computation.

Founders:  Lior Delgo, Prof. Achi Brandt, Prof. Eitan Sharon, Shai Deljo