We Heart It (WHI)

We Heart It is an image-based social networking platform that focuses on visual inspiration and expression.

WHI is an image-based social networking platform, focused on visual inspiration and expression, that is reminiscent of Pinterest in functionality with a dash of Tumblr’s youthful appeal.

We Heart It dates back to the Fall of 2007, when founder Fabio Giolito created a section within his own website that he called “I Heart It” to help him aggregate images that he found inspiring as part of his graphic design studies in a Rio de Janeiro college. Giolito showed the site to some of his fellow students, and they all asked him if there was a way that he could build a similar tool for them. So in December of 2007, We Heart It was officially born — two years before Pinterest, it should be mentioned.

Founders: Fabio Giolito