WEN Hair Care

After 16 years, WEN by Chaz Dean remains one of the most popular shampoos in a competitive market, having sold over 40 million bottles.

WEN Hair Care was founded on the belief that beautiful hair can and should be achieved without sacrificing your hair's health.No harsh sulfates that lather—just fuller, stronger, healthier-looking hair. WEN® brings a completely different approach to the way you cleanse your hair.

Chaz Dean, world-renowned hair expert and Creator of WEN, got his start in developing hair care products at a popular Beverly Hills salon, where he worked as an assistant to the manager. With no prior experience in product development, Chaz was asked to help create a deep conditioner for the salon's own product line.

While some would think he was in over his head, Chaz embraced the challenge and about nine months later, launched a product for his first time. He gained the trust and confidence of the company, and just three months later, he was asked to develop a natural product line. All this ... at the age of just 21.

After more than a year of careful testing using both sides of Chaz's own head, the product line was finally launched. It featured a primrose shampoo, rosemary conditioner and sage conditioner. Word spread fast about the concept of cleansing hair without lather, creating a snowball effect among Hollywood celebrities. Since many of them were actors who had to style their hair for shows, they would come into his salon with damaged hair—all eager to learn how to get shinier, more manageable, healthier-looking hair.

It's because of Chaz's relentless drive that WEN® has become a worldwide success. Since WEN® was created 16 years ago, it has sold 40 million bottles and is loved by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, from Asia, to Latin America, to the Middle East.

Founders:  Chaz Dean