WetFeet is a career advice website and publisher for driven, career-minded students and young professionals looking for tools, tips, and inside information to help them plan their careers and ultimately achieve career satisfaction.

Their high-quality content is the product of hundreds of hours of in-depth research, critical analysis, and precise writing. They survey massive amounts of publicly available information and conduct dozens of in-depth interviews of rank-and-file employees who work for the companies and industries they cover.

WetFeet was founded in 1994 by Stanford MBAs Gary Alpert and Steve Pollock. While exploring their next career moves, they needed products like the WetFeet Insider Guides to guide them through their research and interviews. But these resources didn't exist yet so they started writing! Since then, millions of job seekers have used the WetFeet Insider Guides and WetFeet.com to research their next career move.

In 2007 WetFeet became part of Universum Communications, the global leader in employer branding. Thanks to the integration of Wetfeet into the Universum group, Wetfeet products are now used by job seekers all over the world. In addition to their Insider Guides and WetFeet.com, they produce WetFeet magazine, which features career advice tailored to undergraduate students.

Founders:  Steve Pollock