WeVideo is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform.

WeVideo is the world's first cloud-based, full-featured online video creation environment.

WeVideo (www.wevideo.com) is a unique cloud-based collaborative video editing service that helps people from all over the world simply create and share great-looking videos. The WeVideo editor is easy enough for first-time editors, and sophisticated enough to help anyone create a professional-looking video. WeVideo works through any browser and as an integrated video editor within YouTube and Google Drive. The company's headquarters are in Palo Alto, California and its services are based on technologies that originated in Scandinavia.

WeVideo is a cloud-based solution with no software to download or install. All video editing takes place in a browser on your smartphone. Video clips can be uploaded from any device to your own personal media library in the cloud and combined with titles, transitions, effects, animation, music, and narration for professional looking results. Users have full creative control over the final product compared to other automated solutions. The WeVideo platform uniquely enables social video creation by providing a collaborative online environment for video content aggregation and/or joint editing of the video story. All data uploaded to the system is safe from intrusion via highly encrypted password access, allowing you to control who is part of your video editing community. Finished videos can be shared on the WeVideo platform or published in Internet or HD broadcast quality to your favorite video-sharing site, social networking profile, blog or other destination.

Founders:  Bjørn Rustberggaard, Jostein Svendsen, Roger Larsen