White Label Media

White Label Media was founded to help businesses navigate their way through the media jungle. You won’t find us trying to flog you massive monthly retainers, or push you into paying for services that will add no value. They prefer acting as trusted advisors to the companies they serve - just ask them as they’re 100% referenceable.

They take responsibility for working out the best way for you to spend your budget to actively grow your profile and your business. This means closely examining your firm from top to bottom, working out where you actually need help, whilst complimenting you on what you’re doing just fine.

They then provide you with a menu of suggestions leaving you in control as you decide which to choose.

With more than 55 years’ combined experience in contract publishing, copywriting, journalism, media training, presenting and public relations the directors of White Label Media provide consultancy and services addressing these, new media and social networking.

Originally from backgrounds in consumer PR, sport and the technology markets, they’re experts in turning the complex into simple engaging content. Their clients range from blue-chip organisations and consumer brands to charities and numerous agencies.