Wooclap is the perfect web-based solution to boost interactivity with your live audience during a conference, class or corporate meeting.

Wooclap is a collaborative platform that makes your training more fun and effective. Used in more than 100 pars, the solution is used by large accounts, universities / colleges and departments.

Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool. Through questionnaires and other animations, the solution allows the teacher to realize the degree of understanding of the participants in real time.

The solution is simple, intuitive and intuitive for both the teacher and the participants. In three stages, Wooclap allows you to transform the way you communicate with your learners.

Create your questions (multiple choice questions, polls, numerical value questions, link two columns, word clouds, etc.) Launch your question and invite your learners to connect to the URL displayed on the screen. Collect real-time responses from your learners and interact with them based on the answers.

Founders:  Olivier Verdin