Worth Of Web Academy

Worth of Web Academy offers a website value calculator that provides web traffic-based analytics to estimate the value of a website.

Website Value Calculator.

Webmasters or blog owners spend lots of time in developing their websites or blogs. As a result they want to see their work appreciated by people, their websites get huge traffics and they want to be successful entreprenuers.

When you reach a certain level of success, you will want to earn some bucks from your successful websites or blogs or maybe you will want to sell your work when you reach your goals.

But how can you know about your true potential in terms of website revenue or website worth? That is a fair question and I can give you this website as an answer: Worth Of Web.

It is a website value calculator. It is a direct site, you type your website or blog url and then click the calculate button. It is very easy to use.

Worth Of Web will calculate some estimated figures like number of visits, pageviews, possible ad revenue in daily, monthly and annual basis. And of course it will calculate estimated website worth in US Dollars.

For your notice these are estimated figures and not to be accepted as exact values. However these numbers will give you a useful rough idea about your potential and potential of your competitors.