XaLuan.com (or TrongPhu.com, AlphamaVietNam.com), a news and entertainment web site by language Vietnamese was founded in 07/2006 and start development from 8 / 2007 with headquarter located in Australia, and expansion in Vietnam, U.S..

Web building as a leisure information exchange knowledge with a forum to join up to hundreds of thousands of member.

XaLuan.com, objects have readers of all ages, with 70% of them are young, web-content rich, large amount of information is quickly updated continuously during the day. Web interface designed for easy access and search information with many categories from Local news to International as well as entertainment, and a forum to share information between readers and members on all topics of life .

Currently, XaLuan has increasingly developed into a communication channel effectiveness and economy. Many organizations and businesses, individuals, etc. .. using XaLuan as the way to provide theirs advertising product information, enrollment, recruitment, referral companies, products, press releases to the market .

Web with many categories and subject from small to large serve all subjects and needs. Main menu of the web include: Social, World, Sports, Culture, Read stories, Movies, Science, IT, Life, Shopping, Health, Sex, Shoping, Classified, Game, Mobile

2011 xaluan release two new app for mobile market, one for android and other for Ios market, which rapid grow and most download Vietnamese news app in apple store and android market.

XaLuan.com is built based on web 2.0 most advanced, with backend from the most powerful on the market system servers to services, as well as T3 connection super-fast and quick process information exchange by readers.

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