Zamzar provides online file conversion services for individuals and businesses.

Founded in 2006, the site supports the conversion of hundreds of different file formats including documents, videos, music, images, CAD and zip files. Users can convert files by uploading them through the Zamzar website, or by specifying a URL to retrieve the file from. A link to the converted file is then emailed to the user - no software downloads are needed to do the conversions.

Zamzar is currently free to use. However, users can pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access preferential features, such as online file management, shorter response and queuing times and more secure conversion.

The name "Zamzar" is based on a character from the Bohemian author Franz Kafka's book "The Metamorphosis". In the novel Kafka describes the extraordinary story of a young man who is transformed whilst sleeping into a gigantic insect.