Zefr delivers video-level content targeting at scale on YouTube, allowing brands to safely and effectively reach their audience.

Zefr is a video advertising company that creates targeted video ad placements with it's unique and proprietary technology. With our custom packages, we leverage both technology and human review to selected individual videos, ensuring brands can safely and effectively scale their video ad campaigns.

Why the name Zefr? Before Venice became “Silicon Beach” it was the grimy paradise of the 1970's Zephyr skate team. The Z-boys were a group of broken-home-punks that pioneered today’s skate culture. They did more than just push the physical boundaries of the sport—they created the culture that defines Venice today. At Zefr, we embrace the Z-boy’s drive for innovation, performance, and pushing boundaries. Our motto? Go Big. Go Fast.

Founders:  Richard Raddon, Zach James