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Newsletters are amazing marketing tools. They help you keep in touch with your customers on an ongoing basis. 


Developing a newslatter program which will allow your business to keep in touch with it's audience would be one of the most important asset of your business.


If a customer comes to your website and doesn't susbcribe to your newsletter, then there is a very high degree of probability that he is gone forever. Retention of customers is highly critical especially in an online businesses. 


Companies invest a lot in their blogs and content to attract new users through organic medium. But blog itself is a passive tool. To truly convert your traffic into loyal customers you need some sort of engagement mechanism going on. And newsletters are absolutely fantastic for it. All blogs have a small boring form widget asking for user's email id. Users in most cases totally ignore them.


But using novel, conversational experiences you can drastically increase your conversions. 


Make Conversational Experiences Like This

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