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How to Conduct A Survey

Here are steps of How to Conduct A Survey.

Conducting a survey is important tool when you have gather info about what people think about something. An online survey can reveal customers' true opinions, as well as enabling them to share ideas with you in a safe and comfortable environment

Lets take a look at these steps

Step 1

Determine The Goal Of The Survey

Step 1 in How to Conduct A Survey is Determine The Goal Of The Survey

Before you go about spending time on creating a survey, it is important to figure out what is the goal of the survey. Is it gathering information about a market segment, is it understanding sentiments or opinions of people on certain conditions, is it to get product feedback. Once you have clarity of the outcome of the survey, then things become really easy thereon

Step 2

Make a list of questions to be asked in the survey

Step 2 in How to Conduct A Survey is Make a list of questions to be asked in the survey

Quality and nature of questions you will be asking in the survey will determine the success of your survey. There are many different types of questions which you can ask such as open questions, closed questions, matrix table questions, and single- or multi-response questions. Most people who take part in surveys prefer short multiple-choice questions. When writing the questions, keep the language very simple and avoid ambiguity or double negations

Step 3

Distribute Your Survey

Step 3 in How to Conduct A Survey is Distribute Your Survey

Distribution is one of the most critical aspect of survey creation. Decide the channels you will be targeting for distributing the survey to your right audience. Things would be easier for you if it is an internal survey such as employee feedback - here you can simply share a link of survey on the company intranet or send emails to employees. But when you are conducting a survey with external audience - identify the channels which will help you reach out to the right segment of audience.

You can send an email to your subscriber list, post your survey on Facebook, send surveys by sms or design a banner that can be displayed on other websites if you wish to cast a wider net.

Step 4

Collect Responses

Step 4 in How to Conduct A Survey is Collect Responses

It is important to monitor your response rate, as your final sample size will depend on how many participants complete your survey. In many cases you can increase the response rate by offering an incentive to the participant, for example, you can offer a gift, the chance of winning something in a lottery, a donation to charity, or a points accumulation system where participant can save up points that can be exchanged for gifts. Another way of increasing the response rate of your survey is by promising to share the results with your participants.

Step 5

Analyse the Results

Step 5 in How to Conduct A Survey is Analyse the Results

Visualise your data by presenting the results in charts and graphs, as this will help you quickly reference your results in reports. You can also make use of text analysis and word clouds on open ended questions to pick out common response trends. You can also print out the data in the form of a spreadsheet, which can then be exported for further analysis. With online surveys the gathered data is stored automatically, so you can start analyzing the results straight away. In most cases, you can already see preliminary results when the survey is still open

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