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Infographics are great way to present data, processes and information in a highly visual and engaging format. Creating memorable infographics that gets shared across social media and blogs require you to put a lot of time, effort, money. Not anymore. With Dezo you can create stunning infographics within minutes.

Dezo is a a free infographics maker software which allows you to choose from 100s of infographics templates.

Just pick an infographic template, edit it with your content and BAM, you are done. You have a great custom professional looking infographic ready to be shared across social media.

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Importance of Infographics

We live in a world where the attention is the new oil. There are millions of pieces of content on a particular topic vying for the attention of customer online. So how do you differentiate your content marketing strategy in this new reality ?

Infographics can be a great solution to fight the customer attention deficit. Infographics are great at grabbing the attention of the user with stunning imagery, data and information bytes. This is the main reason why infographics are one of the most shared categories of content on social media.

Dezo lets you create professional and beautiful infographics within minutes without the help of any designer. So get started with creating infographics using Dezo.

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We have active and growing marketplace of free graphics assets, vectors and photos which all come together with Dezo.

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