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4 Alternatives To

Here is a list of 4 Alternatives To Lets take a look at them one by one is a great tool for getting email addresses of any website domain. But it's free plan has restrictions. 

1 Snovio

Number 1 on the list of Alternatives To is Snovio

Snovio is a relatively new company that helps to find connections, email addresses and other personal information. You can also check if email address is valid - either upload your own list with emails or use the verifier to see if emails in your account are valid. Snovio may also find such information as company a person works for, job position, role in company. These data make communication with other people or businesses easier to improve bottom line: either by finding the right candidate for work or acquiring new investors and customers.


Number 2 on the list of Alternatives To is

Contrary to private emails, companies have an incentive to post their employees emails publically online. A common scenario is when someone is accepted to speak at a conference, the always post their contact informatation publically online. spider the internet like a search engine, optimised to find these emails. But they don't stop here. If their crawlers have not yet found the persons email you are looking for, then they will take the cost of querying all our competitors. If any other email lookup API has the person want, they will find it for you. After finding an email it goes through a series of checks like verifing this is a human name and not just info@ or contact@ and importantly they perform a MailServer handshake to ensure the email still exists.

3 Mail Dump

Number 3 on the list of Alternatives To is Mail Dump

Mail Dump is a Powerful Automated Email Extraction Tool for Chrome and Firefox. It uses very unique and powerful algorithms to extract emails from web pages.

4 Find That Email

Number 4 on the list of Alternatives To is Find That Email

The yellow pages of emails. Find the email address of decision makers in millions of companies worldwide.

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