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5 Best Website Builder Software 2019

Here is a list of 5 Best Website Builder Software 2019. Lets take a look at them one by one

1 Yahoo Sitebuilder

Number 1 on the list of Best Website Builder Software 2019 is Yahoo Sitebuilder

Yahoo! SiteBuilder is another easy-to-use website builder targeting small business owners and freelancers. Backed-up by the expertise of Yahoo!, SiteBuilder offers the tools for building a professional-looking website or online store. There’s no need for any training to create your own professional website, just use its drag-and-drop tools to start building and choose from hundreds of customizable high quality templates. You can also download the SiteBuilder app for free so you can continue building without the need for an internet connection. What makes this product unique: Yahoo’s hosting plans are bundled with marketing tools for reaching your local customers, an added plus especially for brick-and-mortar stores that need to have an online presence. Plans start at $5/month.

2 SquareSpace

Number 2 on the list of Best Website Builder Software 2019 is SquareSpace

One of the pioneers in the market, Squarespace and continues to be a market leader due to its consistent delivery of inexpensive, enterprise-level online solutions for SMB businesses. Millions use its highly functional and secure website tools that cover most functionalities that your business needs, including ecommerce, content management, analytics, etc. Some outstanding features include its quick template switching functionality and custom CSS, not to mention its regularly growing stock of exquisitely-designed templates and themes. What makes this product unique: Since launching in 2003, Squarespace had always catered to SMB owners and budding entrepreneurs, so it continues to create affordable yet robust site builders that budget-conscious users need. Packages start at $8/month.

3 Weebly

Number 3 on the list of Best Website Builder Software 2019 is Weebly

Another popular drag and drop builder, Weebly is power-packed online website creator yet easy to use. With a highly intuitive interface, you’ll surely appreciate culling through its unique themes that’s diverse enough to suit your needs, whether for your online store, a personal blog, project portfolio or to promote an upcoming event. It’s ideal for newbies because you can start building your site right away virtually without knowing how to make one. What makes this product unique: You’ll enjoy exploring Weebly’s App Center for tons of free and paid third-party applications and integrate them into your site with just a single click. Plans start at $8/month.

4 Zoho Sites

Number 4 on the list of Best Website Builder Software 2019 is Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites is another simple drag and drop site builder with numerous elegant themes to choose from. A part of the popular Zoho suite, this website creator has a robust user interface that makes customization a breeze, enabling you to readily include all the suitable, highly responsive features that will highlight your brand. One drawback though: its ecommerce feature is not full-service, so it’s not an ideal platform if you have an online store. What makes this product unique: Unlike many drag-and-drop builders, Zoho Sites allows HTML/CSS access and offers unlimited file storage and bandwidth. You can also enjoy broad integration with Google apps, social media integration, and a secure access for your site members. Packages start at $7 per site a month.

5 Wix

Number 5 on the list of Best Website Builder Software 2019 is Wix

Wix is considered as the one of best website builders in the market today. In almost all aspects, especially ease of use, personalization, integrations, ecommerce, analytics, templates, etc., Wix performs efficiently. Getting started and acquainted with this builder is pretty straightforward, yet the ensuing websites that you create with Wix are just elegant and professional in terms of design and functionalities. Wix offers tons of customization options, with over 500 stunning templates to choose from, meant to ensure that your website reflects your brand. After you selected a template, it’ll just be a smooth drag and drop process to complete your site. Although designed primarily to help non-technical people create their own professional sites, Wix also caters to the higher-level needs of advanced users to work with the more advanced functionalities like Wix Code or Wix Artificial Design Intelligence.

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