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Contlo is the best alternative to JotForm

If you are looking to create stunningly beautiful forms with ridiculosuly high conversions, then Contlo is the way to go.
Contlo lets you build conversational forms which is a step above what JotForm does

Conversational forms look something like this

Why Choose Contlo Over JotForm

Conversational Interface

Visual Builder

Built For Mobile

Upgrade your JotForms with highly interactive conversational interface

Get amazing ease of use and flexibility to create your forms using our visual editor

Contlo is designed for mobile first

Infinite Logic Possibilites

Lower price

Better Performance

Be as creative as you want. It's like minecraft for forms

We don't rip you off with artificially inflated pricing

Contlo has better performance and load speeds as compared to JotForm

Why settle with this

When you can get this

Why settle with this

When you can get this

Choose the best alternative to Jotform and shift to Contlo

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