Cold Calling Tips For B2B Sales

Lot of people tell me that cold calling is not as effective as it used to be

Truth is far from this, every major company who is serious about sales is doing cold calling everyday. It is the bread and butter of sales reps

But ofcourse the tactics of cold calling has changed significantly over a period of time and whag worked before might not work today

For B2B industry, cold calling is super important if they have to increase their sales output and close out large number of deals

So if you want to learn how to cold call like a pro sales guy, here are some highly effective tips

Top Cold Calling Tips For B2B Sales

Use a Sales Script

This cannot be recommended enough. Using a sales script will give you the blueprint to have a structured discussion with your prospect. Lot of people recommend not using a sales script, but we strongly disagree with that

Learn About Common Objections

So the default answer you would be hearing is a No. Better have a thick skin. But one practice that can help you is to prepare for the common sales objections.

Dont Start Your Pitch Too Early

If yoh start your pitch prematurely, you will have higher chances of rejection. So dont go into your pitch too early in the conversation and wait for the right moment.

Dont Multi Task during Sales Cold Calls

You should focus only on the conversation when you are making the sales call. Dont do any other stuff like entering data into crm , prospecting on linked when you are on the call because it might distract you from actually converting the client

Leave pre recorded Voice Messages

One quick cold calling hack is to leave a pre recorded voice message when you end up in a prospects voicemail. This will help you save energy and save you mental bandwidth

So cold calling can be a great tool in your sales arsenal to ramp up the sales numbers and if done effectively it can be a significant channel for your business to grow