Collecting Product Feedback To Achieve Product Market Fit

Product market fit is a hard state to attain

Founders and companies alike struggle a lot to get to the phase where their product is in resonance with its target market

In simple terms product market fit is when people want what you have built. A product which has achieved pmf has a natural pull from its customers

Founder of Superhuman inc defines it as a state when 40% of your users will be very disappointed if your product disappears suddenly

So how do you make people care about your product ? What are the ways through which you can get to the prized pmf land ?

To really get a tab on what people think about your product, it is very important that you talk to them on frequently. But talking to people is easier said than done. Everybody talks about talking to customers, but noone talks about how to do that

Having a conversation with the customers is more of an art than science. That being said, there IS lot of science to it.

Collecting product feedback involves getting true responses from your beta users. And since number of users in beta phase are already very low, so it becomes all the more important to get most of them to answer

And harsh reality is that noone likes to talk to Forms. So your way of asking has to be charming, engaging and interactive. Now if you are thinking that you will be getting tonnes of responses for you google forms based product feedback survey, then you are mistaken. You need to capture the attention of the beta user and nothing works better in capturing attention than using conversational forms.

By using a simple mobile friendly way to ask product feedback you will be able to maximize your response rate and get more insights about what people actually think about your product

On the journey of achieving product market fit, getting product feedback is the most critical step and also thproduct limiting reagent on which the subsequent product iteration cycles depend.