Conversational Marketing Will Have Major Impact On B2b Commerce

Online marketing evolves really fast

This is especially true when you talk about online marketing innovations on consumer side

Whether it is viral marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing etc. consumer side of internet has seen its fair share of marketing innovation

But thats just one side of the picture

The underlying, unsexy, invisible trillion dollar market has not really enjoyed these online marketing innovations on the same level

I am talking about the massive multi trillion dollar online b2b marketing industry

It feels like b2b marketing is still stuck in the shackles of its antiquated past of 90s.

Forms which noone fills, email marketing with horrendous open rates, ppc marketing with off the roof cac. Someone internet never really worked to its full potential in the b2b space

People expect the consumerisation of marketing stack for these b2b companies. Gratification needs to be instant, nothing less shall work anymore

Two of the major pain points in online B2B marketing have been complex nature of products and services and high variances in the customer needs. This is often coupled with customers need for customization

So the tooling which a b2b marketer would require will be very different from other marketing people

So what would be a solution for this kind of problem look like - from operational, functional and customer experience point of view ?

Ofcourse there is no single silver bullet. But one solution which tends to solve lot of these issues is ‘Conversational Marketing’

Conversational Marketing is solution which abstracts the complex need assessment of a b2b buyer in simple functional product which has amazing user experience.

Conversational marketing can be in part automated using chat bots or conversational forms and part ‘manned’ by sales reps through live chat or direct communication

So Conversational Marketing solves a big problem and it is the future of how B2B companies will sell online