Everything You Need To Know About Customer Experience Management

What is CEM or Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is collection and management of all the interactions between various organisational entities and the experiences associated with them

CEM deals with the entire lifecyle of customer or internal process journey. The eventual goal is to optimise customer and internal experiences to increase economic value and instill loyality

At the heart of it , customer experience management forces a company to become more customer centric

Managing experince of Entire Customer Journey

There are various touchpoint where the user interacts with the company such as website, social, phone calls, etc.

The four stages of customer journey are inquiry, comparison, purchase, support

Under CEM a company needs to measure and improve the experience across these channels and touchpoints

Three Components of CX or Customer experience

Customer experience at a fundamental level has three core components :

Customer Journey

Entire lifecycle from inquiry to purchase

Brand Touchpoints

Wherever the companys brand influences customer

Digital Experience Environments

Virtual spaces where these interactions take place

Holistic View Of Every Touchpoint

Customer experience combines all the touhpoints of a customer with the company such as customer support, packaging of the product, ease of use , marketing and branding

CX requires companies to integrate and mobilize various tools such as Experience measurement tools, Customer Relationship Managemet software , Marketing automation software etc

Sales Experience Management

The process of managing touchpoints and their corresponding experiences during the entire sales process upto the point when customer finally takes the call to make the purchase is called Sales Experience Management

It is a subset of Customer Experience Management and is a very important component of entire CX journey as it is here where all the important aspects such as expectation setting , contract terms etc are established