Forms are Dead, RIP Forms

Software has been eating the world for quite some time and 'Forms' are the analogical mouth of beast.

Forms are as old as the software. They are the plastered interface on top of the underlying system which lets the users feed in the data to the software system.

They were the doors and windows of the building which was the system software. They let the data in for operations.

It is an effective yet crude way of interacting with software because forms anthropologically resemble the system itself.

Forms had been a rigid collection of input fields. And for us software infact is 'forms', because the underlying machinery is abstracted away from most users.

One of the classic forms present on every website is 'Contact Us' form. These static lead forms do a very bad job at eating the data or capturing the leads. They have been with us for decades now, but diminishing conversions on these forms has put them on life support of existentialism.

Forms are dead, long live the forms. They served us well while they lasted

Interactive Experiences

We have become instant gratification junkies. We want experiences which have super short feedback loop to keep our dwindling attention intact on them.

Lets say you want to sell a used car. The data points it requires is too high and conventionally it has been done through forms. But noone has time for filling out long boring forms just to know at the time of submit, that you missed some field.

Businesses are replacing them with interactive conversational forms which provide a highly engaging way of filling out your information.

So the 'Fill in the blank' have been replaced by series of snappy question answers.

So when are you planning to replace all your static forms with conversational forms ?