Getting First 10 Customers For Your B2B SaaS

Hardest part of a business is getting the first 10 customers

Initially you making the flywheel move is sort of the hardest part of acquiring customers

Your value prop is not clear to you, you are unsure about the positioning, you dont know your target customers, you dont know how to approach them

All sorts of hurdles are there for you to get to those early customers

Reach Out To Your Immediate Network

First and foremost thing you can do is to reach out to your immediate network

Friends , family or co workers who might be interested in using your product

If you had any previous business, then you can reach out to those people if there is some overlap

Go to your linkedin connections and scan for people who might be interested

If those people are themselves not interested, then you can always ask for referrals and recommendations

Start Cold Email outreach

Cold email outreach is the fastest way to validate your products demand

Subscribe to a service like which gives you emails of people based on domain names

Use templates to increase your productivity and quickly send out cold emails to atleast 1000 people

Get Your First Customers From Twitter

Twitter is great place for acquiring initial customers

Simply go to your competitiors twitter handle, select few of its followers and message them to try your product. Hopefully some of them will convert