Online Marketing Needs To Be Humanised More, Not Automated

Global economy constantly needs to grow

And this engine of growth constantly needs to be fed in by all the major fueling factors

But one particularly important factor for economic growth has been - productivity

If we break down productivity, then we will realize that it is complex Function which requires many things, but most importantly it requires automation

Historically, we humans have had a slightly awkard relationship with the process of automation

On one hand automation gives us superpowers to do more from less, at the same time it instills a sense of insecurity and hatred in hearts of people who get displaced by efficiencies created

We push the limits of automation in our eternal quest to ramp up the productivity

And once class of people who have left no stone unturned to optimize the productivity through automation is -the online Marketers- mad men of online wild west

This level of mechanized industrial outlook towards online marketing has made it a cold, heartless and spammy place. Rainbows and sunshine dont reach this dystopian hinterland

And this cold way of doing doings and applying rocket science to optimize the hell out of conversions has led to a current state of diminishing returns on ROI

What needs to be done is to make online marketing more human, more natural and more personal

It should feel conversational. Customers trust a business more if it talks to them and speaks there language.

So its time we emerge out from our self made cold automated boxes and start being more human