Sales Tips For Selling SaaS Products

Selling SaaS products is hard and there are more number of things which dont work as compared to things that do work. The key is to understand the fine nuances of which ones retract from and which ones to double down on

These are some the key distilled tips for selling SaaS products.

Send Large Number of Emails

If you dont have large number of your emails not being reported as SPAM, then probably you arent sending enough of them. So dont be afraid and send very large number of outbound mails

Make Your Email Blasts based on Behaviourial Triggers

If prospects are not reporting your emails as SPAM and not replying, then you should ask for their phone number. Similarly you can setup email trigger for different user actions like signup, first invite, visit on pricing page etc

Use Your Name In Email Address

Dont use a generic company wide email such as or for sending emails. Use your name instead such as

Call Up Your Trial Users

Make sure you are calling every single signup within first hour. This will help you qualify prospects, improve free to paid conversions, handle objections etc