Top Sales Tools You Should Include In Your Stack

All functions in a business are as good as the tools we use to perform them

Growing organisations quickly outgrow their existing tools due to increase in capability requirements and other issues

Finding, evaluating and then buying new tools can be a very challenging task

Like how every company is unique, similarly every sales team and the tools they use are unique

Before you go ahead and start assembling your sales tools stack, it is advisable to see in detail what each of those tools do and how they work together

Sales tools requirement is a function of the company approaches the process of sales

Tool sets required for a high volume freemium product would be different from an enterprise sales product with long complicated sales cycles

So the first step you should be doing is to evaluate what are your specific needs and then go ahead and make a list of potential solutions for them

And it is not enough to just add another tool to your stack. That wont make your sales any effective. Focus on buying important and better tools which can demo true ROI

Teams often get overwhelmed with lot of different tools with overlapping functionality and do not focus on the actual task at hand

What Should Sales Tools Help You Do

They should make data more accessible and actionable

Shouldnt require complex integrations

Enhance productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks

Should improve the core Sales KPIs

Different Types of Sales Tools


Sales and Market Intelligence

Lead Handling and Prospecting

Analytics and Reporting

Process and training

Automations and Integrations

CRM Tools

This is the main tool of your entire sales cycle around which everything revolves

Your CRM is going to connect with all of your other stack


It is the leader in CRM space and connects well large number of applications


Copper is a CRM which lives inside Gmail


Hubspot's CRM is liked by lot of people and it has a free forever plan


Sales people really like Pipedrive and the product is great for visual sales pipelining


If you want to build your custom CRM, use Airtable

Sales and Market Intelligence Tools

You need sales and market intelligence tools to qualify your leads. A simple name and email is not enough anymore


Leadfeeder is a great tool which turns your anonymous google analytics data into sales data by leveraging the IP address database

It helps you find email addresses of people and build automated outreach campaigns


ZoomInfo is one of the oldest player in the market intelligence space and has highly accurate market data


It combines machine learning with human intelligence to optimise the leads


Clearbit provides a really useful lead enrichment api which fills in the missing lead info

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a great tool which allows sales team to find leads on linkedin and identify who are the key decision makers

Lead handling and prospecting tools

This is another important step in the sale process where leads are engaged , qualified and handed over to right people for nurturing


Salesloft allows Sales teams to streamline, automate and quickly personalize sales outreach


LeanData is a powerful tool that helps sales teams route leads to the right rep and attribute new business to sales and marketing campaigns

Intercom Live Chat

Sales reps can use live chat to proactively engage, qualify and convert website visitors in real time. They can even hop on a discovery call, demo our product or schedule a follow-up meeting with high value leads while they’re live on website


This is a cold-email outreach tool that includes sales email templates and automatic follow-ups

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Analytics and reporting tools are essential for figuring out how the sales team is doing and how they can further improve.


Domo is a great tool for Data visualisation


Tableau really helps to visualise data from various different sources