We Get The Conversions We Think Deserve

What makes traffic convert ?

What makes people skimming through your value proposition take a psychological internal call to pull the lever of your esteemed Call To Action ?

The statistics of conversion rates paint a very bleak picture when it comes to the question of what constitutes a good conversion rate

Is it 0.1% of the total traffic on your website ? Is it 3.4 % sales on your ecommerce store ? Or is it 10% email open rate of your weekly newsletter

The problem with understanding conversions in the online marketing realm is that too many people consider it a science and very few people get the artistic aspect of it

And honestly the issue is not the marketers, but it is rather because of cumulative low expectation we have set for one of the most important KPIs of modern online business

We spend most of the time doing tweaks which will incrementally optimise the conversion rate to few more basis points. But in this maniacal endeavour we loose out on the bigger picture

Its true that we need to stand on the shoulders of giants to see further, but this statement shouldnt be true when it comes to assuming benchmarks

All online markeing efforts on a long enough timescale regress to the mean

There is little we can do about it. But if there is something we should do about is - expecting better. Even if we fall short of our expectations , but it is a goal worth striving for.

In the world of online marketing, we get the conversions we think we deserve. So lets aleast ensure that we are thinking big