Why You Should Be Using Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are a great way to build a subscriber list of your customers and keep them engaged through timely notifications

One of the good things about web push notifications instead of email lists is that web notifications dont require filling up a form and can be subscribed by the user with a single click

Push notifications can be personalized and automated at scale using tools which are available in the market

These notifications dont have to be boring text only messages. They have he capability to include images, emojis, icons and buttons

It is easy to setup these notofications on a recurring basis so that you can automate your customer engagement

If you include buttons on your web push notifications, they can help you drive better clock through rates

Notifications can also be targeted based on the location of user such as their country, region, city etc

You can also segment notifications using different devices. For example if they are using a mobile or a desktop or based on operating system

Push notifications can also be setup based on some trigger action, such as cart abandonment or sign up

So net net you can increase your conversions and prevent users from dropping off from your website with push notification based retargeting